The Standard Is The Standard For Baylor Football


Baylor Head Football Coach Matt Rhule has been preaching toughness since he arrived on Baylor’s Campus and after his third spring in Waco, he feels like his guys are really understanding exactly what that means.

Rhule said he believes hard work and practice are not punishments and even the day before the spring game his guys displayed their understanding of that.

“We came out Friday at 6:00am, and two injured guys showed up at 5:59 for a 6:00am practice yesterday, one guys wasn’t here that’s injured, so you know what, I sent everybody home,” he said. “I went over to magnolia table and had biscuits. The players came out and ran their own practice. Then I brought them back at 3:00 o’clock, and we had practice. I told our players the standard is the standard. I’m just trying to up the standard every year.”

Senior transfer James Lockhart has been on campus for three years now and he knows exactly what his coaches are looking for, and he wants top be one of the guys they can count on.

“These coaches — all they really want to do is coach guys,” he said. “They just want to come in and talk football. They don’t want any unnecessary distractions, on-and-off the field that affect the team, so he rally wants the older guys to set the example.”

Lockhart is one of 20 seniors that will be expected to lead this Baylor team in the 2019 season.

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